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Healthy food and healthy snacks and Healthy YOU!

Enjoy good taste and good health with The Art of Eating Healthy Digital Magazine’s repertoire of budget-wise healthy recipes, videos, cooking techniques and easy to understand nutritional information to benefit you and your family.

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  • Healthy recipes…healthy YOU!
  • Information about herbs:  Find out which herb products can be helpful and which can pose a danger
  • Vitamin information:  find out if you are getting enough, discover how they really effect your health
  • In the kitchen know how:  learn the tricks great chef’s use to make their dishes tantalize your taste buds
  • Budget wise healthy recipes each and every month to help you feed your family in a healthy and cost effective way
  • And much, much more…

Considering the onslaught of information regarding nutrition and what should be eaten or not for a healthy diet.  And a plethora of  information to help us achieve longevity, optimal health and ideal weight, it is difficult at best to discern all this information as to how best to use it to our advantage.   That’s where we come in The Art of Eating Healthy!

The rising trends of obesity, diabetes and heart disease and so much more is staggering.  So, we created this digital magazine to help us all get back our health and learn the art of eating healthy!  From utilizing herbs, vitamins, food and good common sense know how we bring to you a digital magazine that is at the ready, just for you and your family!  Come journey with us in this discovery of The Art of Eating Healthy!

The Art of Eating Healthy is a digital magazine for eating healthy and is available on both Droid through Google Play or the iPhone/ipad through iTunes.  Each action-packed issue delivers tantalizing budget-wise recipes, videos and nutrition information about your health and your food plus other tips to keep you strong and fit.  Both iPhone/iPad and Droid versions available.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to ask, click here for our contact page.

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